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Mass Effect 3 InfiltratorEdit

You are a Cerberys agent gone rouge.

As commander Shepard battles Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Enzo procures aliens for
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ME: Infiltrator

illicit experiments at a secret facilty: But when the director of the facilty goes for too far- Randall fights back and vows to bring Cerberus down.

Can you fight your way off hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret information to the Alliance

you can also be a Turian, who tries to escape...

  • Only avaliable on IOS systems

Mass Effect 3 DatapadEdit

Use the Codex, get mail from your allies, recive news, see videos and screenshot and build up the readinees rating.
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ME3 Datapad

  • Only avaliable on IOS system

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